In the spirit of fellowship and comradeship, our mission is to support and provide fellow veterans in transition the opportunity through job training in the culinary arts and the resources needed to lead a productive and independent life.


Our vision is to see our fellow veterans overcome their personal obstacles and create success in their lives.

Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the veteran community by providing both camaraderie and job training to those veterans facing homelessness, unemployment and who struggle with transitioning into civilian life.

Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans is an intensive six-week culinary arts program that will prepare participants with the necessary skills to enter the restaurant industry and find employment as a line cook or prep cook. As part of the program, participants will also work with Full Battle Rattle Deli (veteran-owned and -operated) as part of their training and gain the knowledge and skills to work in the food service industry. Full Battle Rattle Deli and Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans are two separate entities that work together to support veterans with not only theory and instruction, but an opportunity to gain hands-on experience. In addition to Culinary Arts training, participants will attend classes to support them with job readiness skills to successfully enter the work force and maintain employment.

Education and job training are just one facet of this program. An obstacle facing a veteran who is homeless is housing, resources needed to complete this program, classroom materials and support to find gainful employment. Taking a holistic approach, Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans has partnered with community organizations to address this and provide everything the veteran will need to successfully complete this program and reintegrate into our community.

Our Crest

In the Armed Forces, a unit crest distinguishes which unit a soldier is part of and promotes esprit de corps. The design may include important decorations, honors, combat services and mission. It tells a story of the unit and is worn with pride.

As veterans working together as a unit, we have carried on this military tradition and have created our own unit crest to represent our story, our esprit de corps and what we stand for.

Maroon represents: confidence, excitement, power, risk, passion, love, ambition, courage, and strength.

The blue candle represents loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust.

The candle illumination represents that there is a light in whatever situation you are experiencing.

The flame is two hands; these hands represent “helping hands.” Meaning that working together, we can overcome any obstacles in front of us and “veterans supporting veterans. “

The knives represent Culinary Arts training

The stars have been used as navigational points by travels in the past. Our stars guide us and keep us focused on the mission that we are on.

And our motto, “ Camaraderie leads to success.”

Though we are no longer in service, those veterans who participate in Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans are part of a unit; a very special unit of veterans working together to support each other’s success.

Michael Gropper
Principal & Founder, and proud US Army veteran, Michael Gropper

About Michael Gropper

After leaving Denver Public Schools as a Special Education teacher for 13 years, Michael, an 8-year US Army vet who served as a Food Service Specialist, decided it was time to fulfill his dream of being a vet serving other vets in need. He formed two businesses at the same time – Culinary Arts Boot Camp for Veterans and Full Battle Rattle Deli – to work hand in hand to both prevent vets from experiencing homelessness in the Denver community and also provide them with a meaningful and fulfilling career.
Last modified: October 2, 2019

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